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The Fabled Flame

Custom D20 DnD Dice Candle with a D20 inside

Custom D20 DnD Dice Candle with a D20 inside

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This custom DnD dice candle is the perfect gift for tabletop gamers! Perfect as a centerpiece at your next Dungeons and Dragons session, or just to show off how much of a dice goblin you are, this custom candle is perfect for your next DnD session, game night, or even at the office! Choose a scent that evokes images of rolling hills, monsters lurking just out of sight, treasures beyond imagining, or reflects your character. You pick the color, scent, number paint, and even add a D20 die inside! This will be a unique gift they'll remember forever.

Customize your D20 candle from the options below!

~Candle Stats~

Color: Choose your color
Scent: Choose your Scent (see descriptions below)
Number Paint: Choose your Number Paint
Height: 2"
Width: 2.5"
Burn Time: 6-8 hours
D20 Inside!


•Dark Green
•Dark Red

~Number Paint~
Light Blue
Rose Gold

****Choose Your Scent****

The Void
Completely unscented. For those who enjoy the light of a candle, but not the scent, or who may be sensitive to smells, this is the fragrance (or lack thereof) for you!

Enhance your party member’s ability checks with this uniquely balanced fragrance. Opening notes of cinnamon, peppercorn, and ginger blend with sweet cream and smoky black cardamom, then infused with hints of tonka bean and chestnut.

Bardic Inspiration
Add the sense of smell to your bardic repertoire with this exhilarating blend of fruity pear, peach nectar, and wild berries merged with water lily, apple blossom, and a touch of jasmine underscored by notes of warm vanilla and crisp sandalwood.

Survival Check
Kickstart your adventures with this powerful, distinctive scent. A crisp combination of green pine and sweet cedar with a subtle base of warm musk combine to create a rugged outdoorsy fragrance.

Long Rest
Every hero needs time to recharge, no matter how courageous they are. A comforting blend of vanilla bean, buttercream, and cake rounded out with a hint of bourbon will help you relax after a long day of adventuring. This scent will make you savor those times when you can take a break and enjoy the victories already won.

Spellbook opens with a burst of bold teakwood followed by a heart of leather and cedar that keeps it grounded and strong. Earthy sandalwood, sensual amyris, and dark musk give this fragrance a mysterious and sultry base note that evokes a sense of ancient lore and parchment.

Ritual Caster
Save your spell slots with this aromatic fragrance. Light and warm, with a touch of pear and apple followed by powdery violets drying to a background of earthy patchouli and warm vanilla.

Dragon’s Blood
Dragons are known to be powerful beings with fierce, beauty and grace that is reflected in this deep and sultry fragrance. Mulled orange rind top notes quickly transition to a floral heart of geranium, rose, lily, and star anise. This fragrance finishes with a heavy, powdery vanilla musk, spicy clove, and dries down to earthy sweet patchouli.

Dark Talon Whiskey
A bold, intoxicating blend of whiskey and rum sweetened with a splash of lemon and cranberry. Sprinkled with spices—and undertones of caramel and maple —this complex scent forms a perfect balance between boldness & subtlety that is rich & alluring!

Calm Emotions
Quiet the turmoil in those around you with this serene and gentle scent. Tantalizing spearmint, icy peppermint, juicy citrus, and bergamot mix with soft floral notes of rose and jasmine. A woody base of camphor and rosewood softens this well-balanced and tranquil fragrance.

Greater Restoration
Imbue those around you with positive energy and restore your party members with is bright and revitalizing fragrance. Leading with the juicy citrus scent of ruby red grapefruit and bitter orange zest accentuated by undertones of greenery and woody notes on a base of a light musk for a touch of sweetness.

Calm Emotions
Quiet the turmoil in those around you with this serene and gentle scent. Tantalizing spearmint, icy peppermint, juicy citrus, and bergamot mix with soft floral notes of rose and jasmine. A woody base of camphor and rosewood softens this well-balanced and tranquil fragrance.

Spell Slot
Lavender's delicate essence is at the heart of this fragrance which incorporates hints of wood and crisp green nuances that add natural appeal to this classic scent. A trace of eucalyptus brightens the top while orange blossom lends a clean, sweet undertone to the base.

Hunter’s Mark
This scent begins with fresh fir needles and smoky woods. Hints of clove, peppercorn, and cedarwood emerge before giving way to sandalwood, amber, and musk—the perfect blend of crisp forest greens and warm spices.

Control Water
Unleash your inner swashbuckler with this mysterious oceanic scent. Ozone and sea salt open this balanced, airy fragrance, which flows into notes of sea salt, and plum, anchored by sandalwood and dark musk for an intense finish.

Gentle Repose
A fragrant beginning of saffron threads, sweet anise, and a whisper of eucalyptus, beautifully balanced by sweet black currants and blackberries at the heart and softened with green basil blending into dark musk, tonka bean, and fennel to create an intense, rich fragrance.

Plot Armor
As hardy and powerful as its name suggests, warm, musky saffron top notes are layered on gentle incense, all resting on a rich base of leather and warm amber. Soft yet earthy; the scent of your favorite worn leather armor earned through hard work and adventure.

Bonus Action
This lively fragrance takes your bonus action to new levels! With a zing of sugared lemon and orange in the lead, followed by sweet bakery batter and a hint of coconut underscored with warm buttery vanilla. Bonus Action's invigorating aroma will have you reaching for your dice faster than you can say, BEHOLDER!


Each candle is hand-poured with paraffin wax and scented with fragrance oil. Please remember that each candle is individually crafted and painted, meaning that each candle poured will slightly differ in appearance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Paraffin Wax, Cotton Wick, Candle Dye, Fragrance Oil, Waterbased acrylic paint.


W: 2.5"

H: 2"

Care information

•Keep the wick trimmed to ¼” - trim before and after each burn - remove any wick trimmings before lighting

• Always place candles on a flat, level, heat resistant surface away from drafts and combustibles.

• Keep out of reach of children and pets

• Never extinguish a candle by blowing, as it may cause splashing and wax spills.

• Never leave burning candles unattended.  

•Never move candles when lit. 

• Store candles in a cool, dry place to avoid color fading, melting or cracking. Keep candles out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and warping.

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