Our Story

Hello friends!  I'm Kendra and the maker behind the Fabled Flame!  Originally from Calaveras County, Caifornia. I now live in the lovely city of Spokane, Washington and absolutely love it!  I'm also an avid Dungeons and Dragons player, Critter and cosplay fan!



I've been a candle maker since 2004, but things clicked for me shortly after moving to Spokane in 2019 when I was given a simple ice mold.  As a family, we've always been fans of tabletop role-playing games and particularly in love with Dungeons and Dragons.  And I am most decidedly a dice goblin.  This particular ice mold was of a D20.  Looking at it, I knew I wouldn't really use it for it's intended purpose, but with a little modification, I could make a really cool candle.  And thus, the D20 candle was created!


The goal of The Fabled Flame is to enhance the tabletop experience through color and smell and provide unique and fun gifts for Dungeon Masters and Players alike. Let me help you make your DM's day, or enhance your player's experience at the table!