Fabled Flame Fragrance List

The Fabled Flame Carries a standard stable of fragrances that are available year round, and a rotating list of fragrances for specialty releases such as Scent of the Month, Pride Candles and Seasonal Collections.  Below is a list of our standard fragrances organized by scent family.


Fragrance List



A deep and rich lilac scent, reminiscent of rose with hints of vanilla. A beautifully fragrant and heady perfume that encompasses all that is spring.

•Elf Leaf
Fresh, delicate lavender is at the heart of this fragrance with touches of woody and green notes surrounded by a hint of eucalyptus at the top underscored by the soft and subtly sweet aroma of orange blossom.

•Cloak of Mists
Rich, sweet floral notes combined with a sensual muskiness. This jasmine scent is often described as exotic and intense. This fragrance exudes a rich, warm sultry scent perfect for more romantic atmospheres.

•Euphoric Cloud
An airy sweet smell that often is described as a cross between hyacinth and orange blossom with a touch of rose and undertones of peach. A wonderfully light scent that still fills a room.

•Aura of Purity
This sultry gardenia scent is cool, yet bold and fresh. A woody, floral, and intensely fragrant, a perfect complement to a warm evening spent in a flower dappled garden in the height of summer.



•Greater Restoration
One of our most popular scents, Greater Restoration features tart citrus notes under the scent of ruby red grapefruit and offset with bitter orange peel and sugar. A delightfully bright and energizing scent.

•Tonic of Clarity
Fresh, watery, and clean with green undertones, this ripe watermelon fragrance is deliciously juicy. A
perfect compliment to a bright summer day.

Sun-ripened strawberries lead this fruity fragrance, followed by touches of green notes built on a base sugar and earth that come together to create a delightfully sweet-tart scent that will brighten your

•Healing Spirit
Take a walk through an apple orchard in autumn as you inhale this delightfully fresh scent. Leading with light notes of greenery and pear, followed by the distinct scent of apples and rounded out with a
hint of vanilla. Keep the doctor away with this refreshing fragrance.

This mouthwatering fragrance leads with a radiant burst of grapefruit and bergamot, followed by the central fragrance of orange, green leaves, and orange blossom. Undertones of woody cedar round out this stimulatingly zesty scent.

***Herbs & Spices***

•Aura of Vitality
An herbalist's dream, sweet spearmint, and tomato leaf lead this fragrance, followed by stronger tones of garden mint and anise rounded out with undertones of powdery woods. A clean and rejuvenating fragrance.

•Fairy Blades
A bright and fresh herbal scent, this lemongrass fragrance features grassy notes complemented by citrusy lemon. A refreshingly therapeutic smell that evokes a day at the spa.

•Calm Emotions
The distinct scent of eucalyptus is minty, with strong overtones of wood and camphor. Its sharp, uplifting scent is clarifying and soothing.

•Dragon's Blood
A sultry and earthy fragrance, Dragon's Blood leads with a hint of bitter orange rind, followed by star anise, and full florals rounded out with musk, clove, and patchouli. The scent of a dragon if there ever was one!

•Lady's Favor
This rich and creamy vanilla scent begins with a buttery top note which enhances the middle tones of vanilla and cake. Undertones of sugar and bourbon bring a new dimension to this classic. A perfect all-around scent for your table.

***Wood & Earth***

•Deep Forest
The perfect fragrance for those who wander the wilderness. This woodsy scent leads with fresh, clean notes of forest greenery centered around a heart of pine supported by a base of musk and cedar. 

Burning fir and oak are the center of this amazingly smoky scent. This sizzling aroma will bring you back around the campfire to tell stories of past adventures and days of old.

•Gentle Repose
The distinctive, warm, and smooth, precious-wood scent of sandalwood, is a uniquely recognizable fragrance. Enjoy the soft aroma during meditation or simply curled up with a good book.

•Seaside Thicket
This fragrance leads with the light scent of sea salt and minerals complemented with the cool woody fragrance of sage. A marriage of sea and shore, this beloved fragrance is light and airy.

Leading with fir needles and smoked woods that meld into hints of clove, peppercorn, cedarwood,
and burnt marshmallow. Undertones of sandalwood, amber, and musks round out this mixture of crisp forest greens & warm spices to create a cozy layer of comfort and peace. Be careful lest you lose your way.

This fragrance is a fine wood combination of mahogany, cedarwood, and oak, with elements of fresh lavender and geranium. A fragrance full of depth and strength to keep you grounded.


***Food & Drink***

•Dark Talon Whiskey
An intoxicating combination of whiskey and rum, backed by notes of lemon and red berries. Robust almond and clove enhance the undertones of caramel and maple.

•Hero's Feast
Oak barrel-aged bourbon combined with decadent cream and butterscotch with a base of sweet vanilla. This cozy fragrance evokes nights by the fire wrapped in the warmest of blankets.

A bold, spicy scent for adventurous souls. At first sniff, a burst of bold clove, followed by cinnamon sticks and ground ginger with woody cedar and earthy patchouli flecked throughout this fiery fragrance.

A sweet orange, tangy cherry, and creamy vanilla bean, and a touch of sandalwood combine to create this sugary cereal scent. An aroma to sustain you throughout the day.

•Lemon Tart
A bright blend of lemony citrus and grassy herbals mix into a delightful confection of fragrance. This dessert scent smells good enough to eat!



•Eternal Library
Beginning with a teakwood top note that gives way to a heart of cedar and leather. Earthy sandalwood, dark musk, and patchouli wrap up this woody scent. The fragrance of old books stacked on shelves, and scrolls of parchment ready to be written upon.

•Leather Armor
This warm, musky fragrance evokes the luxury of a fine set of leather armor – a subtle blend of saffron and incense combine with leather and amber to create a uniquely timeless fragrance.

•Wandering Tides
A fresh, ocean air scent with a whiff of salt and sweet floral top notes. A light and misty scent evoking beaches bedecked in tropical flowers lapped by gentle waves.

•Bardic Inspiration
Fruity top notes join light fragrant florals, melting into a base of comforting sandalwood, a touch of musk, and sweet vanilla. An indulgently flirty scent that will charm you.

•Ritual Incense
The stately smell of hidden ceremonies, rich with solemnity and power. A light and warm fragrance lead with a touch of pear and apple followed by powdery violets drying to a background of earthy patchouli and warm vanilla.

•Charm Person
A bold fragrance, leading with crisp citrus and ripe berries. Opulent notes of fresh greenery and lavender followed by undertones of shimmering musk complete this scent.