10 Unique Gifts for The Dungeons and Dragons Players

10 Unique Gifts for The Dungeons and Dragons Players

10 Unique Gifts for The Dungeons and Dragons Players



Choosing Gifts can be so difficult! It needs to be thoughtful, and useful, but most importantly, the recipient needs to love it!  So what to get the Dungeons and Dragons player in your life?

D&D artisans put great care into their creations to deliver high quality, beautiful gifts that are guaranteed to please even the pickiest player or dungeon master.

Check out this list of some of the best makers of D&D and tabletop accessories from around the web to fit a variety of budgets!

Products left to right:

Roll for Initiative Welcome Sign • D20 Treasure Candle • Dungeon Master Screen

D&D Character Pint Glasses • D&D Class Coasters •

Vibrant Rainbow Pride Set • Rootbeer Float Dice Set •

Dungeon Map Dice Bag • D&D Spell Slot Dice Vault • D&D Wax Melts


There is no such thing as too much dice and any player can always use another set!  And the next two makers take dice to the next level with unique designs and inclusive themes.

Heart Beat Dice Vibrant Rainbow Pride Set$16.99



Gorgeous Pride dice are just a click away with this amazing set from HeartBeat Dice!

Queer & BIPOC Owned and Operated. Creators of the original Pride Dice for Tabletop RPG’s. HeartBeat Dice offers a variety of Pride-themed polyhedral dice sets and accessories for board & role-playing games!


Ice Cream Dice - Rootbeer Float - $17.95

Beautiful dice that are the most likely to bring a smile to your face every time you pull them from your dice bag.  Ice Cream dice is another community-driven company in that the owner also runs a non-profit called Forging Heroes Society, which gives community and school-based groups all they need to play D&D. Dice, minis, battle mats, markers, core books, and more.


Dice Storage

Greyed Out Dice Bags- Sepia Dungeon Map Dice Bag - $20.00

The owner of Greyed Out, Michael, discovered his love of TTRPGs at the age of 15 and creates high-quality dice bags, sewn to last, and with plenty of space to keep dozens to hundreds of dice. Grab this dungeon map bag and never lose your way (or dice) again!

Spell Trackers

Dungeons and Dragons Spell Slot Tracker and Dice Vault - $29.00

The Spell Slot Dice Vault is a great tabletop multi-tool for any Dungeons and Dragons Spellcaster! Store your spell caster's dice and track your spell slots on the fly with this amazing tracker and stores up to 3 sets of standard sized polyhedral dice!


DnD Decor!

DnD accessories don't have to be limited to the table!  You don't have to wait until game night for Dungeons and Dragons!

The Fabled Flame - Custom D20 Treasure Candles - $18.00

Handpoured and painted D20 candles with over 50 scents to choose from. Add a bit of mystery and suspense to your gift with a custom DnD treasure Candle. Melt it down and get a surprise D20 to add to your collection!

Or, If you don't want open flame near all those character sheets, you can get your favorite scents for your table in flameless wax melt form!

MC Etching - D&D Character Class Pint Glasses - $25.00

Original glass etching designs for the DM and all the character classes, these high-quality hand-etched pint glasses are a must-have to represent your class from Barbarian to Warlock.

Arcanic Artistry - Dungeons and Dragon Class Coasters - $6.00

If you pick up the class pint glass you need a coaster to go with it!  And here is the perfect one for you.  Laser engraved wooden coasters to further represent your chosen DnD character class! Beautifully detailed and a fantastic price, never leave a moisture ring on the table again!

Whiskers and Warlocks - Roll For Initiative Sign - $62.00

Incorporate the D20 into your home decor and challenge all who enter with a roll for initiative. Sanded, stained, and painted by hand, these beautiful signs will show your love for DnD to all who visit.

Talon and Claw - 

Dungeon Master Screen "The Siege" Wenge & Purple Heart$199.99

Show your Dungeon Master how much they mean to you with these beautifully crafted wooden dungeon master screens. With several features to make the DM's gaming life a bit easier, they can facilitate the game in style with this gorgeous screen.


Want MORE great gifts for the D&D player in your life? CLICK HERE to get amazing and unique Dungeons and Dragons and Tabletop themed gifts for the players (or DM's) in your life!

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