The July Scent of the Month: Druid Grove!

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The July Scent of the Month is a bright, warm and joyous fragrance.  Druid Grove evokes visions of life and energy and growing things in an isolated clearing at the height of summer carefully tended by a solitary druid going about her life's calling.  Or maybe you see a circle of druids marking the solstice at the height of summer under the full moon.  Whatever comes to your mind's eye, this fragrance is the perfect one to compliment it.
Druid Grove leads with the airy smell of sweet pea that is often described as a cross between hyacinth and orange blossom with a touch of rose and undertones of peach, combined with the fragrance of the fresh scent of cut green stems, sweet leaf, and a touch of earth.

Available as either a 1 time purchase or as a subscription, you can get them 3 ways.

1. Scent of the Month tealight 6-pack
     Have a set of tealights delivered to your mailbox each month with new and         specially blended scents that are not normally available.
2. Scent of the Month D20 Candle
     Each month receive a new D20 candle in a specially blended scent not               normally available to you!
3. Scent of the Month D20 Treasure Candle with a D20 inside
     Each month receive a new D20 candle with a specially blended scent not           normally available with a surprise D20 die.

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