Romance is in the air with Tusk Love

As February dawns a young adventure's fancy turns to love.  Get twitterpated with:

February's Scent of the Month: Tusk Love


This spring green Tusk Love scented D20 candle is the perfect DnD accessory for the Dungeon Master or player who has everything! Dyed bright spring green, and hand-painted with bright blue numbers this D20 candle is inspired by my love for all things Dungeons and Dragons.  For even more fun, find a D20 hidden inside!

Notes of raspberry and a touch of watermelon underscored with sultry jasmine and fanciful lilac. This scent will ravish and enthrall you as only the best romance novels can.




Available as either a 1 time purchase or as a subscription, you can get them 3 ways.

1. Scent of the Month tealight 6-pack
     Have a set of tealights delivered to your mailbox each month with new and         specially blended scents that are not normally available.
2. Scent of the Month D20 Candle
     Each month receive a new D20 candle in a specially blended scent not               normally available to you!
3. Scent of the Month D20 Treasure Candle with a D20 inside
     Each month receive a new D20 candle with a specially blended scent not           normally available with a surprise D20 die.

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