May Scent of the Month - Prismeer Gardens

April Showers Bring May Flowers!!

May is all about florals here at The Fabled Flame, and our Scent of the Month is no exception!

This orchid pink Prismeer Gardens scented D20 candle is the perfect DnD accessory for the Dungeon Master or player who has everything! Dyed a rich orchid color, and hand-painted with cheery orange numbers this D20 candle is inspired by my love for all things Dungeons and Dragons. For even more fun, find a D20 hidden inside!

Dance with the fey with this wantonly floral fragrance.  A luscious combination of heady wisteria, and the herbal, grassy fragrance of birds of paradise.  Embrace the savage beauty of the Feywild with this intoxicating scent.



Available as either a 1 time purchase or as a subscription, you can get them 3 ways.

1. Scent of the Month tealight 6-pack
     Have a set of tealights delivered to your mailbox each month with new and         specially blended scents that are not normally available.
2. Scent of the Month D20 Candle
     Each month receive a new D20 candle in a specially blended scent not               normally available to you!
3. Scent of the Month D20 Treasure Candle with a D20 inside
     Each month receive a new D20 candle with a specially blended scent not           normally available with a surprise D20 die.

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