How to Choose Candle Scents Online without Single Sniff

How to Choose Candle Scents Online without Single Sniff


I love candles, but choosing a scented candle is hard when you can't smell the fragrance beforehand (I'm still waiting for Smell O' Vision).  But fear not! There are ways to choose the perfect scent with just a little know-how! 

In this guide, I'll share with you my tips and tricks to choosing candle scents without smelling them and being happy with your choice.

White, lit d20 candle with dice arranged around it.

Consider Your Space

The first thing you need to think about is the space the candle will be located in.  Are you using it to add ambiance to your gaming table?  Or are you using it as everyday decor to show your love for tabletop games?  Will it be in the living room? Kitchen? Bedroom?

If you are using your candle to add to the scene at the table, you'll want to choose scents that match.  When traveling through a dark and mysterious forest, woody, scents would be your best.  But traveling through a town, you may want to choose food or tavern scents to set the scene.

If your D20 is for decor, floral scents are great for bathrooms, while spicier scents are better for the kitchen to compliment food smells.

 Know Your Scent Families

I've divided my scents into 5 scent families to better judge whether a scent is right for you: Floral, Herbs & Spices, Fruits, Wood & Earth, and Food & Drink.

People tend to have a favorite scent family and gravitate to those particular scents. However, you may find while you love florals, sometimes a more earthy smell does the trick. 


These are scents that are made from flower fragrance bases. The rose, jasmine, sweet pea, or lavender. 

*caution* This is the most common scent group that people have reactions to, so check with the recipient if you are purchasing as a gift!

Our candle scents with floral themes: Apricot Rose, Lavender Sandalwood, Jasmine Rose

Herbs & Spices

These scents are made from herbal or spice bases and can run the gauntlet of cooling (mint) to warm (cinnamon).  Incredibly versatile, they mix well with other scent families and tend to share the stage nicely.

Our candle scents with Herb & Spice themes: Ritual Incense, Rosemary Mint, Lavender Vanilla


These scents tend to be bright and clean and are often burned on their own, but often pair quite nicely with floral or spicy notes as well. Perfect for kitchens or living rooms that we tend to like light and airy.

Our candle scents featuring Fruity scents: Pink Grapefruit, Peach Thyme!, Apple Cider

Wood & Earth

Wood and Earth scents can be described as warm and opulent, often mixed with incense-like fragrances such as Dragon's Blood or Sandalwood.  To balance these heavier notes, they are sometimes combined with citrus or floral scents.  

Our candles featuring Wood & Earth scents: Campfire, Woodland, Woodsage, & Sea Salt. 

Food & Drink

By far my favorite category, (followed closely behind by fruity smells).  These smells imitate foods and drinks.  They range from apple pie to zucchini bread and are the best for holiday candles or if you just are missing a particular food smell. A great choice for setting the scene for a tavern or bakery encounter at the D&D table.

Our candles featuring Food & Drink scents: bourbon & butterscotch, coffee, baked bread, bacon. 

Choose Your Candle

When you are choosing your candle, think about what scents you enjoy, or if it's a gift, what scents your recipient would like the most. Consider mixing two scents together in a custom order.  For example, I had a customer mix Campfire and Sea Breeze and it made an absolutely divine fragrance that was a joy to make!

You are still unsure, you can also order tealight samples HERE and try before ordering your custom scented D20.


Now you can choose a scent online with confidence!  Click here to shop for your perfect D20 candle, pick up a D20 Adventure Pack with specially matched scents to fit your D&D Character




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