Beyond Dice - 5 Gifts for Dice Goblins (that aren't just more dice)!

Beyond Dice - 5 Gifts for Dice Goblins (that aren't just more dice)!

Hello, fellow dice goblins and their loved ones!  We all love the shiny math rocks that make the click-clack sound and we must have more!  But what is a good collection if we don't have the accessories to go with them?

But fear not!  I have scoured the internet to bring you the best artisan dice accessories that would make even a dice dragon drool!

Express Your Fandom - D20 earrings - $11.25

Kaleidoscope color d20 earrings! Handmade with hypoallergenic studs and kaleidoscope chunky glitter acrylic. Always have a D20 on hand with these fantastic earrings!

The Speechless Bard - Polyhedral Dice Bracelet - €12.00

These bracelets are gorgeous and are a must-have for any self-respecting dice goblin.  This double leather bracelet is engraved with the ever so dangerous D20 and its six dice companions cut out on the sides. The complementing color is made to order and the inside of the bracelet is soft and comfortable to wear.

The Fabled Flame - Custom D20 Candle - $18.00

Design your own D20 candle! Choose from over 50 scents and then choose the perfect color to match your favorite dice!  This is a must-have for any dice goblin who wants to add good smells to their lair.

Print Inkling - Dice Side of the Moon Shirt - $25.00 - $27.00

This flagship of Inkling design hits. With a table-top twist on iconic rock wizardry, Dice Side of the Moon is the perfect tee for your favorite spell caster! And a perfect way to share your love of the D4!

Arishae Creations - Gold and Red Dragon Scale Dice Bag - $65.00 CAD

A must-have for any dice goblin: A place to hold your dice. And this bag is perfect for those aspiring to the status of dragon. Woven using 5 different shades of anodized aluminum scales in a horizontal ombre pattern. It can hold up to 100 dice and is the perfect gaming accessory to bring to your next game night!



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