September Scent of the Month is here!!

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September is been a difficult month.  As many of you have seen, the website has been closed.  This was because at the end of August, my brother contracted COVID-19 and passed away in the middle of the month.  The shop is open now, but there will only be a limited run of September's SotM as the month is almost over.
Healing Word
Hints of pear & cinnamon meld into the sweet crisp smell of ripe apples & buttercream w/undertones of baking vanilla, sugar & bourbon.
Lit red and green D20 candle surrounded by red diceRed D20 candle with spring green numbers resting on a D&D character sheet in front of a small wooden chest and surrounded by red dice.Lit red D20 candle with light green numbers surrounded by red dice.

Available as either a 1 time purchase or as a subscription, you can get them 3 ways.

1. Scent of the Month tealight 6-pack
     Have a set of tealights delivered to your mailbox each month with new and         specially blended scents that are not normally available.
2. Scent of the Month D20 Candle
     Each month receive a new D20 candle in a specially blended scent not               normally available to you!
3. Scent of the Month D20 Treasure Candle with a D20 inside
     Each month receive a new D20 candle with a specially blended scent not           normally available with a surprise D20 die.

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