5 Holiday Dungeon Master Gifts under $25

5 Holiday Dungeon Master Gifts under $25


With all the gift-giving holidays fast approaching, our minds turn to what to get our fellow players and DM's.  Those people who add so much to our lives with just a few hours each week.  The people we build worlds with, and who help us to become heroes!

But what to get them?  Here is a list of fabulously crafted gifts that are sure to please even the most discerning Dungeon Master!

Birch and Bat Studios - Dungeon Master Class D20 Vinyl Sticker - $6.60

These high-quality stickers are perfect for the Dungeon Master who wants to bring a reminder of their games with them wherever they go! Printed on high-quality vinyl that ensures there are no bubbles when applying the stickers, and the stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors!


 Story Makers Trading Co - Dungeon Master Button Collection - $10.00

Show your Dungeon Master pride with this super cool button collection - hand-lettered tattoo flash style artwork, rich colors, and a gorgeous velvety matte finish make these buttons a nat 20.


Critical Treasures - Red Gem Health Potion - $13.68

This adorable health position jar contains 10 red d4 dice and a list of healing potions on the cork.  No more looking up what each potion does, when you can just grab this little jar and it's all right there!  Your DM will LOVE this one!


The Fabled Flame - D20 Treasure Candle - $22.00

Help your Dungeon Master set the scene with these custom D20 candles with D20 die inside.  Your dungeon master can add the sense of smell to their world-building, AND as an added bonus, they get a D20 once the candle melts down!


Found Familiar Coffee - Initiative Blend - $17.00

Perfectly Blended to help your DM through those long planning sessions, Found Familiar Initiative is a medium roast featuring notes of caramel, toffee, and a touch of plum jam.  The perfect cup of coffee is just a few clicks away!


There you have it!  5 AMAZING DM gifts under $25 dollars.  Grab them now and let your dungeon master know how much you appreciate them!

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