2022 Scent of the Month List

2022 Scent of the Month List

It's a new year!  Which means a new Scent of the Month list!  One of my favorite things is to create this list as it gives me a chance to experiment with scent combinations and work with fragrances that catch my fancy.  Here is what you have to look forward to in 2022:



2022 Scent of the Month List


Armor of Agathys
Surround yourself in the magically frosty scent of peppermint combined with sparkling cranberries and undertones of resinous evergreen rosemary.



Tusk Love

Add some saucy romance to your evening with this passionate fragrance. Leading with notes of raspberry and a touch of watermelon underscored with sultry jasmine and fanciful lilac.  This scent will ravish and enthrall you as only the best romance novels can.



Circle of Land

The honeyed scent of crisp, juicy pears and the mildly spicy scent of dry redwood blend to evoke visions of scared gatherings within secluded groves beneath the stars.



Sea of Worlds

Immerse yourself in the elemental plane of water with the aroma of watery tides and waves crashing on a rocky shore.  Top notes of fresh petrichor and citrus give way to a heart of briny sea salt, Sicilian bergamot, and turned earth on a base of woody balsam, and dark patchouli.



Prismeer Gardens

Dance with the fey with this wantonly floral fragrance.  A luscious combination of heady wisteria, and the herbal, grassy fragrance of birds of paradise.  Embrace the savage beauty of the Feywild with this intoxicating scent.



Mystarian Nights

Travel from the Sea of Dawn to the Savage Coast with this dreamy tropical scent.  A blend of tropical fruits and white florals, this fragrance highlights lime and orange top notes tempered by smooth coconut and island woods.  This scent will leave you refreshed for your next adventure!



Witchlight Delights

Enjoy the otherworldly enchantments of the Witchlight Carnival with this faire goers’ favorite. Sweet and salty is the name of the game in this kettle corn scent featuring notes of white sugar, creamy butter, and a pinch of salt.  Wander the carnival booths of your favorite adventure with this wickedly whimsical fragrance.



Last Home

Find sanctuary at the warm hearth of a hometown inn with this cozy fresh-baked fragrance.  Buttery pastry top notes meld into tart blueberries underscored by cinnamon and brown sugar crumble and finished with velvety vanilla bean. A homespun favorite for your tavern table.



Beholder’s Sight

Enthrall all who inhale this scent with this beguiling combination of spice, fruit, and liquor.  Initial whisps of apples and oranges intermingled with golden honey, bourbon, and green tea yield to base notes of white amber, vanilla, and maple in this complex and bewitching scent.



Night Mother

Back by popular demand, this darkly seductive scent returns to enthrall you with its alluring aroma. Citrus & ripe black cherries interwoven with green leaves & sweet neroli;  Undertones of cedar & oak, give way to the dark sultry fragrance of Merlot wine in sensuous harmony.



Yondalla’s Boon

As we gather round to feast, raise a glass in thanks to a bountiful harvest with this delectable cider scent.  Sparkling cranberries and candied pears are the focus of this fall fragrance supported by eddies of vanilla and black currant. Blessings of Yondalla be upon you!



Pearl of Power

Rejuvenate your spell slots with this energizing yet comforting fragrance. The sweet creamy combination of hot cocoa and icy peppermint merge on a base of dark roasted coffee to wrap you in an aura of contentment.


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