2021 Tabletop Holiday Gift Round up

2021 Tabletop Holiday Gift Round up

The Fabled Flame 2021 Tabletop Holiday Gift Round Up

Our Top 10 Picks for the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, and shipping uncertain, it's a good idea to think about holiday gifts now and avoid the rush.  And have I got a list of amazing makers for you!
The following artisans put great care into their creations to deliver high quality, beautiful gifts that are guaranteed to please even the pickiest player or dungeon master.
Check out this list of some of the best makers of D&D and tabletop accessories from around the web to fit a variety of budgets!
1. Talon & Claw  2. The Evergreen Burrow  3. Arcane Spectacles 4. Print Inkling  5.Works of Whimsey Studios 6. Fantastic Knickknackery 7. Ice Cream Dice  8. The Daisy Dragon  9.  88 Riddles 10. Friday Afternoon Tea

Talon & Claw - Handcrafted, Quality Wooden Tabletop Accessories

Dungeon Master Screen "The Siege" - $119

I absolutely love this piece! The wood is solid, and the inset magnets are perfect for holding campaign notes.  In addition there is a slot on top which perfect for placing character cards and keeping track of initiative.  The black metal hardware gives it a rustic look and adds to the ambiance at the table.  Your DM will adore this gift!


The Evergreen Burrow - Handmade Geekery

Lucky Ducks in a Row Dice Set - $28.00+

Crystal Moon D20 - $65.00+

One of my favorite dice makers. Their handcrafted sets are gorgeous and their sets with inclusions are adorable!  I purchased a set of their duck dice for my 13 year old and it's now his favorite set.  Adorable rubber ducks float in the middle of each die and I love the larger size.  While I was picking up a set for my son, I just snagged a Crystal Moon 30mm D20 that is just beautiful. It also comes with the option of a beautiful moon themed dice bag from Print Inkling! 



Spell Trackers - $44.00

If you have a spell caster in your party, this is the gift for them!  Made from an array of beautiful woods, this is a fantastic way to keep track of spell slots without having to fill in or erase them on your spell sheet.  I was able to pick one up and now I cannot do without it! With 9 spell slots, a place for exhausted d6's and a full 7 piece polyhedral set, you definitely don't want to pass up this piece.


Print Inkling - Artisan Geekery

Dice Bag - Sanctuary Moon - $30.00

Using old school printing techniques the team at Print Inkling create gorgeous dice bags, apparel, and maps.  I picked up the Sanctuary Moon Dice bag recently and I absolutely love it!  It's large enough to hold my small (but growing) hoard, and the beautiful Moon and forest scene is gorgeous to look at.  If you have a dice goblin in your party, you've got to get them one of these!


Works of Whimsy Studios - A family making art together.

Giant Laser Cut D20 - $50.00

When one is looking for both décor and storage, THIS is the thing for it!  This giant laser cut D20 is gorgeous piece that not only looks great on the shelf, but will hold your dice hoard as well.  They also offer these fabulous pieces in Mahogany and Sepele and are definitely a must have for the dice goblin in your life!

Fantastic Knickknackery - Handmade accessories for on and off the gaming table!

 Dice Unfolded Enamel D20 Pin - $14.00


 Where tabletop games meet geometry! If you want a fabulously creative way to display your love for Dungeons and Dragons and/or dice, this is the pin for you!  Available in blue, purple and black and you even have the option to add glitter.  I proudly display my love for dice everywhere I go with this beautiful pin attached to my bag and they offer an array of other fantastic products such as keychains, laser cut dice guardians and stickers.


Ice Cream Dice - Sweet Math Rocks

Pint o' Dice - $75

Any dice goblin would be ecstatic to receive this wonderfully delicious gift.  Containing approximately 100 dice it includes 80% Ice Cream Dice's original designs and 20% chosen from their carefully curated selection of their favorite makers.  If you can't decide which of their designs to get your favorite goblin, get them a pint!

The Daisy Dragon

The Gem of Byroden - $45.00

If you want comfy, warm scarves based on your original characters or those of your favorite ttrpg stream, THIS is the place to go.  Each of these scarves are hand crocheted  and has adorable metal charms attached to them.  Keep warm in style with these gorgeous scarves!

88 Riddles - Dice Chests, Shirts and Hoodies for TTRPG fans

Goblin's Shiny Math Rocks Hoodie - $31.95+


 An amazingly talented artist, 88 Riddles creates gorgeous ttrpg designs for apparel, notebooks and dice vaults/chests that one cannot pass up!  Dice Goblins will definitely keep warm with this soft comfy hoodie.


Friday Afternoon Tea - Tasty Teas for Thirsty Nerds!

TeaTRPG - $7-$45


Blend tea with your favorite table top rpg  with Friday Afternoon tea!  Featuring amazingly creative blends, of the highest quality.  If you or someone you love, enjoys loose leaf tea, this is the place to go!


Bonus Suggestion:

The Fabled Flame

Custom D20 Treasure Candle

I would be remiss if I didn't toot my own horn just a bit.  A D20 candle with an actual D20 inside! Burn it down and get a surprise D20 to add to your collection!  Made for ttrpg and dice lovers everywhere, design your own candle with your choice of color, scent and number paint.  I would love to help you create the perfect gift for your party members!




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